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What do we do?

Relay Recess events are flexible. The activities at your event should be a reflection of the interests of the students at your school and the community in which you are located. They can range from games and activities focusing on cancer education to performances from the local high school music or athletic programs. Many Relay Recess events include walking laps around a track or playground. Others set up stations with activities on nutrition, physical activity, sun safety, and tobacco prevention.  We will provide you with ideas!

relay recess

Three Main Components of a Relay Recess Program

  • Cancer education: Students will participate in classroom activities that focus on nutrition, physical activity, sun safety, and tobacco prevention. These activities can be done during the week leading up to the school's Relay Recess event, or even the day of the event.
  • Fundraising: Students, teachers, parents, and staff can raise funds for the American Cancer society by doing fun classroom coin wars, online fundraising, and more! To see more great fundraising ideas, click here.
  • Physical Activity: The Relay Recess program offers a lot of fun ways for students to get active. These include doing a Purple Olympics, Superhero Fitness, and more!


How long is the Relay Recess Program?

Relay Recess programs have no specific time requirements. Your program should be whatever length is best for the administration, teachers, and students at your school. Relay Recess programs can last a week, a day, or just an hour! Some schools choose to do a pep rally to kick off their Relay Recess activities and have a spirit week leading up to the actual event. The spirit week usually consists of classroom activities, fundraising, and a focus on getting kids active.

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