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What Is Relay Recess?

It's gotta be has Recess in the title!  It's a program for elementary school students to have fun while fighting cancer.

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What Happens at a Relay Recess?

Each school's Relay Recess event may be unique...but they all contain 3 components: Education, Fundraising, and Physical Activity.  Don't worry, we help you plan all three.

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Why Do We Fundraise?

Everyone's reason to become a superhero in the fight against cancer is as unique as their own personal story.  No matter why you take part in a Relay Recess program, one thing is clear every step of the way: we save lives.

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How To Participate

First, you should find out if your school participates in Relay Recess. If not, find out how to start a Relay Recess program in your school by clicking the link below.

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