As you all know, the habits we learn as kids tend to stick with us, and we’ve developed some great resources to help you share healthy habits with your class.  You’ll find cancer education information and activities that can be incorporated into your classroom, and not just in health class.  We know you are busy, so we hope these worksheet and activity ideas will allow you to integrate the information easily.  You are also welcome to use them as a starting point to help develop your own activities. 

Activities are broken into four cancer education focus areas – nutrition, physical activity, sun safety and tobacco prevention.  The worksheets and activities are categorized by these topics, then by suggested grade.  Want some additional information about these topics or cancer in general?  A wealth of information, from statistics to prevention, can be found on our website,

Below are a few examples of some of our Relay Recess program materials.  Many more Relay Recess program materials can be found in the Relay Recess Coordinator and Teacher Kits. Contact us for more information at or Start an Event at Your School!

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Being physically active has many health benefits – and it’s fun, too! Classroom Activity Sheets include recommendations for physical activity, interactive and fun classroom activities that get kids thinking about getting up and getting active, suggested activities for your Relay Recess event and take-home information for parents and families.

Classroom Physical Activity Tracker
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Use this Physical Activity tracker as part of your classroom activities.  Encourage your students to use the "My Physical Activity Tracker" to track their personal and family activities for a month.  

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Super Hero Fitness
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This activity will help students associate exercise with different health‐related fitness components: cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and muscular strength/endurance. Optional Materials: T‐shirts imprinted with the letters F, M and C and/or capes for the Super Heroes. All of these may be made out of paper, fabric scraps or towels.

  • Begin by telling the students how the Super Heroes of the Universe have heard how the children on Earth watch too much TV, eat too much junk food and don't get enough exercise. They have decided to save the children by demonstrating how to get more exercise. The Super Heroes are Kid Cardio, Mr. Flex and Miss Muscle.
  • Choose three students to be the Super Heroes. When the game starts, the Super Heroes will try to tag the children from Earth in an effort to help them break away from the television. If a student is tagged by Kid Cardio, that student must do a cardiovascular exercise before returning to the game. If a student is tagged by Mr. Flex that student must perform a stretch, and, when a student is tagged by Miss Muscle, they must do a strength exercise.
  • For younger students, a pre‐designated exercise works well, such as jog two laps, do a V‐sit stretch or five curl‐ups. The older students will be given index cards noting different exercises to perform. When the student gets tagged by Kid Cardio, they go to the teacher to get a pink card, perform the exercise and then returns the card to the teacher. The students will receive a blue card when tagged by Mr. Flex, and an orange card when tagged by Miss Muscle.
  • After a few minutes, switch Super Heroes and start another round. At the end of class, shout out a fitness component and see if the students can tell you an exercise that helps to improve that component. After you have played a few times, have the students choose their own appropriate exercise when they get tagged.

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